Welcome to Tantra Yoga Berlin!

Tantra Yoga offers powerful methods to remove blockages, to build up and refine energy and to expand awareness. I am offering different Workshops in Berlin, other parts of Germany and India.

In the workshops Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra I & II you’ll get deep insights into White Tantra. You’ll learn advanced pranayama, no sexual topics will be covered.

Another approach in tantrism is Red Tantra. In the 3,5h Tantra Yoga Workshop you’ll experience the energetic effects of erotic tantric energy work. In the weekend workshops Kundalini Tantra and Open Tantra Circle you’ ll learn how to control and move sexual energy, thus you can reach incredible levels of spiritual and sexual bliss.

If you match the requirements you’ll have the chance to deepen your tantric experience in the advanced Viira Circle.



Manuel performing Homa in Rishikesh, India.