January and February 2014: Tantra Yoga at Magic Park, Arambol, India


with Manuel

* Intensive Tantra Yoga Workshop

Wed. 29.01. till Sat. 01.02.2014

– traditional, tantric asana practice

– theory and techniques of sexual tantra yoga

This workshop will introduce you into the trantric path in general and the sexual aspects of Kundalini Tantra in special. You will learn how to sublimate the powerful sexual energy of the lower chakras into spiritual energy. Your sexuality can become a gate to deep and transforming spiritual experiences.

Start: Wed. 29.01., 10 a.m., Magic Park www.magicpark.info

Requirements: Minimum one year yoga experience, no matter which style!

Ongoing program

* Every Tuesday and Thursday: 10 – 12 a.m. Tantra Yoga

Start: Tue. 04.02., 10 a.m., Magic Park www.magicpark.info

Drop in class – beginners and advanced yogis are welcome likewise!


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