Welcome to Tantra Yoga Berlin!

Tantra Yoga offers powerful methods to remove blockages, to build up and refine energy and to expand awareness. I am offering a Tantra Yoga drop-in class each Wednesday 20.30 – 22:00 in the Yoga hall Böckhstr. 46 in Berlin Kreuzberg and different Workshops in Berlin and other parts of mother earth.

In the workshops Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra I & II you’ll get deep insights into White Tantra. You’ll learn powerful pranayamas and other advanced yogic techniques, no sexual topics will be covered.


Another approach in tantrism is Red Tantra. In the workshop Tantra-Techniques for Yogis of today (4h) you’ll learn a couple of powerful tantric yoga techniques for ecstatic sexuality. In the weekend workshop Kundalini Tantra (2d) you’ ll learn how to control and move sexual energy, thus you can reach incredible levels of spiritual and sexual bliss. No Partnerexercises or sexual interactions during class – but you get homework;)