Starterkit Sexual Yogapractices

This four hours will change your love life and your approach to Yoga!

You ll learn how to channel sexual energy by the use tantric Yogamethods. This is the key to deep states of ecstasy.

During the workshop we’ ll do a detailed session on sexual Yogatechniques, a Yoga class and short lectures. All exercises will be done in yoga clothes, there will be no sexual partner exercises during the workshop. For homework you should apply the learned methods in sexual context with a partner or with yourself.

Minimum requirements: one year yoga experience!

Bring yoga clothing and pen & paper.

To sign in send a short email to and transfer the course fee of  40.- Euro to this bank account (students 30.-).

“At the start of the union, be in the fire of the energy released by intimate sensual pleasure. Merge into the divine Shakti and keep burning in space, avoiding the ashes in the end. These delights are in truth those of the self.”

Vijnana Bhairava Tantra